Email the doctor: [email protected]

Email consultations are for non-urgent medical queries. Dr Taylor will run an ‘email clinic’ on three days a week so it is very important that you don’t use the email clinic for anything that is urgent.

You will need to have confirmed to us that you wish to receive emails from us before we can start an email consultation. Unfortunately simply sending in an email, which obviously implies you wish to have a consultation, is not enough to meet the strict data security rules we are working within.

When to email… and when not to

[email protected] is for non-urgent medical queries.

PHMC email clinic will be appropriate for only certain types of medical issues and unsuitable for others. Situations where symptoms are severe or are changing quickly are never suitable for email consultations.

  • Enquiries or requests for advice about yourself
  • Examples may be to get a doctor’s opinion about something that has been on your mind but are not sure whether it needs an appointment.
  • Prescription enquires or requests, or general enquiries about your medicines.
  • Advice about information you have read elsewhere (eg on the Internet – please including the URL in your email to the doctor)
  • Questions relating to other adults, unless we have their written permission for you to correspond on their behalf, and that your email address is registered in their medical records.
  • Advice about what to do for sick children, for instance if they are feverish or not feeding. Babies especially need tor need to be seen to be assessed properly. If you are worried about a child, please do not email but call the practice. For more information about getting help out of hours or in an emergency, see here
  • To tell us about severe side effects.