Appointments Lengths

Please try and help us to keep to time by being aware of the length of your appointment. We do our best to run to time but we also do our best to listen carefully to our patients and deal with their problems safely and effectively. This inevitably means that, on occasion, we end up running late.

Routine appointments last 12 minutes. (This is longer than the national average of 10 minutes). Even so, it is often difficult to fit everything that needs to be done into that time.

Studies have shown that most patients are able to estimate how much time they need for the problems they wish to discuss. If you know that what you need to discuss is going to take more than 12 minutes, please ask for a double appointment. If a double appointment is not available, please book two single appointments and spread the issues across these. Patients trying to cram too much into a single appointment is the main reason you may be seen late.

Walk-In Clinic appointments only last 8 minutes and are therefore really only suitable for a single problem.

Doctors new to the practice are given longer appointments until they are familiar with the practice.