New Patient Registration


Patients Living or Working Within Our Practice Boundary

We register new patients who permanently reside within our current practice boundary.  We also register new patients who work within our practice area, where it is clinically appropriate and practical to do so.

Out of area patients

Parliament Hill Medical Practice is proud to be a practice that services the community based around the practice in NW5.

We do invite some people who come to work in our practice area to register as out of area patients. We will require evidence of your local employer/place of employment when we register you. We may well approach you to update your details over time. 

We will register people who we judge to be both clinically appropriate and practical for us to register.

We will be unable to offer home visits to people who are registered as out of area patients

We will ask you to register with a local practice If we judge you to have complex needs. This will be particularly true if we judge you to  require home based care or geographically located care providers.

Register with us in just 3 steps:

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Check that you are in our Catchment Area

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Complete our registration form

Please collect a registration form from our reception desk or register online.

Register online

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You will receive an email confirming that you are fully registered on our system.

Please call us on 020 7482 9280 should you have an questions about this process.