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There are certain circumstances when you will be taken off our list. This will mean someone is no longer able to consult with us, arrange tests with us or get medication from us. 

  1. When you register with a new practice you will automatically be deducted from our list. This is the case for digital first providers of general practice and more traditional models of practice. People cannot be registered at two practices simultaneously. 
  2. We run a place based model of General Practice. We have people on our list who either live or work in our part of NW5. This allows us to register people who move into our area and are looking for a local practice to register with. When you move out of our area you will be asked to find a GP practice to register with whose catchment you are living in. From time to time it becomes clear that peoples addresses have changed and people no longer live within our area. At that point people can be taken off our list. We aim to contact people; however, there is no obligation to inform them that they no longer live within our area and need to register elsewhere.
  3. On very rare occasions we take people off our list due to exceptional circumstances. These include violence and threat. Our staff work very hard and it is important that they feel safe coming to work. We also take people off our list if there is a breakdown of relationship between the practice, its staff and a person. Good General Practice is predicated on trust. If there does appear to have been a breakdown of relationship/trust we will invite someone in to discuss what has gone on and to see what options might be available prior to deciding whether to remove someone from our list. We will point people in the direction of other local practices in this situation.