Test Results

Your Results


You can see detailed blood test results if you register for online access to your medical records. Please ask at reception.

By Phone

If you don’t have online access please telephone for test results between 12pm and 1pm.

Telephone: 020 7482 9280

If I haven't heard anything are my tests normal?

It is the patient's responsibility to contact the surgery for the results of any tests.

We do try to contact patients usually by text message if test results are abnormal but if you have not heard from us please do not assume the tests are normal as sometimes they have not come back and unless you ask for the results we will not know they are missing.

Giving us permission to contact you by text message allows you to get information about any abnormal results more quickly. Please contact reception to do this if you have not already done so.

Urine Samples

The GP, nurse or healthcare assistant may ask you for a urine sample to diagnose, monitor or rule out certain health conditions.  These include:

  • urine infections
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes

Please only bring in a urine sample if you have been asked to do so by someone at the practice.

It is important to collect a clean urine sample and to do this please:

  • Label the container with name, date of birth and date
  • Wash your hands
  • Start to urinate but don’t collect the first part of urine that comes out
  • Collect a urine sample ‘mid-stream’ in the sample pot provided by the practice
  • Screw the lid container shut
  • Wash your hands thoroughly

Please note for some tests we will ask for a 'first catch urine' and if this is the case the doctor will explain the difference.

Please provide as 'fresh' a sample as you can (don’t leave it in the fridge overnight) and drop it into reception before 2pm.

How long will I have to wait for a result?

Some urine samples can be analysed quickly using dipstick and the result is available on the same day.

For other tests we may need to send the urine to the laboratory and this can take 5-7 days for the results to come back to the practice.  These are sent electronically and checked every day by the GP’s.  If there is cause for concern we will contact you, but we do not routinely contact you if the urine result is normal.